28 Apr

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Journalism day article

17 May

Prestigious war correspondent Martin Bell speaks at Hull school of Art and Designs Journalism Day

Hull School of Art and Designs Journalism day has given the many future Journalists at the debate a detailed insight into what working in the media entails.

The speakers discussed the current issues of that time including media regulation, the Levinson inquiry and they answered the question everybody in the audience was thinking: Whats next for the media?

This was the first Journalism day Hull School of Art and Design had staged and its success has encouraged the university to make it annual event for anyone hoping for a career in the media.

The event attracted students from nearby colleges and university’s and guest speakers including: Sian Harrison, court reporter, Dave Betts, Senior News Editor at BSkyB, and former war correspondent Martin Bell.

Organized by the lecturers and students of the Journalism and Digital Media BA (hons) degree at Hull School of Art and Design and in partnership with Mail News Media, the day brought some big names, ideas and people together.

A different guest speaker took to the stage every twenty minutes the day to give its audience a valuable opportunity to bring experienced media professionals from all aspects of the field together to inform eager journalists of tomorrow about what they need to know and do to make it in this competitive business.

The debate gave the speakers the opportunity to pass on their tips on how to be a success in this field and also to share their stories on the highs and the lows of working in the media as well as sharing their views on the serious issues affecting the media

Martin Bell, an experience war correspondent and broadcaster, was among the speakers at Journalism day, who was passing  his expansive knowledge and advice from his long and successful career.

He lead the discussion on how its a journalists role to report the truth, saying that sometimes we do not imagine the damage that can be created by printing a fabricated story, which suggests that the media care solely about sales figures rather then the people affected by the story.

The main issues of the debate included: super injunctions, the Levison Inquiry, citizen journalists, and social media.

One of main points discussed on the day was the need for journalists to use social media and the internet to its full advantage, which was echoed by Jamie Macaskill who  spoke about how the Hull Daily Mail is adapting and is investing more money into their online website as its a lot of their readers use their website to receive their news information.

The day gave its budding audience the opportunity to gain greater insight into the issues facing the media today and also the chance to build up their professional networking portfolio.

Project management tools

14 May

1. Basic Project Management Apps

These applications are specifically for project management.


Lighthouse is an app that tracks timelines and milestones, integrates with your email client and more. You can update tickets through your inbox, manage your beta testing (by making tickets and milestones public), integrate it with subversion and manage and prioritize your tickets.

Lighthouse Dashboard Screenshot

Project creation is simple; only a project title and description is required. Once a project is created, tickets, messages and milestones can be entered. Ticket creation can be done by email (the email address to send tickets to is displayed on the “Tickets” page). You can show tickets based on a variety of criteria, including date, state (open or closed) and who is responsible for them. Message creation is easier than email, and you can attach files up to 50 MB in size. When you create a milestone you simply enter the title, the date it’s due and the goals or focus for that particular milestone. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Lighthouse Milestone Creation Screenshot

Lighthouse is great for Web development teams (or individuals) and has a very easy-to-use interface. The free plan lets you manage one private project with up to two people on the account.


Springloops is another browser that integrates project management.

Springloops Dashboard Screenshot

The Springloops interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Tabbed navigation provides access to the log, source and deployment information. Creating new projects is simple, with a few different templates available (including a starter template) For added project management ability, Springloops can be integrated with Basecamp.

Springloops Source Browser Screenshot

CreativePro Office

Creative pro offers complete office management tools. CreativePro Office is completely free, setting it apart from the other apps here.

CreativePro Office Dashboard Screenshot

CreativePro Office has the usual tabbed navigation, including tabs for clients, projects, time sheets, finances and team members. The dashboard presents a calendar with upcoming events, a list of your projects, outstanding invoices, notes and search functionality. Project creation is a bit more in-depth than with most other apps listed here, though only a client name and project name is required.

CreativePro Office Finance Tab Screenshot

Integrated invoices and financial information is handy, and the finances page gives you options for viewing and creating invoices, expenses and reports.

CreativePro Office is very robust for a completely free application and is definitely worth checking out before shelling out for an expensive paid solution.


Jumpstart is a website planning application that allows you to plan the navigation of your website by creating, dragging and dropping pages into the plan.

Jumpchart Home Page Screenshot

This is a great planning app for Web designers, though it’s not strictly a project management application. You can add comments to each page, which could serve to keep track of tasks related to specific pages. More traditional project management functions could be kept track of in the text of each mockup page or through the comments.

Jumpchart Add Sub-Page Screenshot


celeb mag pages re-edit

9 May

celeb baby page iugougougougo

celeb page 2 jbiuo


15 things magazine re-edit

9 May

15 things page12

Press release (exercise 5)

4 May
Contact: Casey Watts
Tel no: 01482 812750
Email: caseywtts@live.co.uk                                                                                                                       

Local insulation company create new advert

East Yorkshires newest independent insulation distributor Yorkshire Eco supplies have launched its television advertising campaign this week.

The advert which features the loveable doggy character ‘Mr Huggle Monster’ was filmed in the home of one of their customers and focuses on how heating insulation affects the whole family.

With varied stock providing builders, roofing contractors, builders merchants and homes across East Yorkshire with quality products and first class service at an affordable price.

Alex Brown, Company director said: ‘It’s exciting for us to start marketing our business to a larger audience, hopefully people will like the advert and will remember us if they need any insulation work doing.’

With a varied range of stock, providing builders, roofing contractors and builder’s merchants across East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, the company offers a local, friendly and independent insulation distributor with quality products and first- class service at affordable prices.

To get a free quote, or to receive any more information on any of their products please call 01482 219559.

Evaluation on the press release

During one of our lessons Grace set my the challenge of producing a press release about the script I was writing at the time. The script was for my show reel for Sally’s project and was an alternative fairytale. This press release details the creation of my advert and talks in-depth about Yorkshire Eco Supplies and the work they do. I have used my previous knowledge on how to write a press release and I have applied it to this press release. I have included my contact information etc because this is something which is commonly done on press releases.

Hoax bomb caller article (exercise 4)

2 May

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Thursday 2nd May 2013

An investigation has begun after an armed response team was deployed to Beverley Road in Hull after a hoax phone call was made.

The caller wasted valuable police time on Thursday night and resulted in the Beverley Road area being closed off and diners at nearby restaurant Raj Pavillion being ordered to stay for over an hour for their safety.

Police surrounded the Beverley Road area

Threats to kill

The man made the call just after 8:30pm and he reported a man threatening to kill a woman in the St Leonard’s Road area.

Lauren Ainsworth, 22, was walking home from work when the police stopped her entering her flat down Leonard Street where she lives.

She said: “the police wouldn’t let me enter the street or go home for an hour’

‘Loads of people were out on the street and one of my friends told me that there was a gunman down my street. It was terrifying. I was allowed to go home after a while but many of the police cars and ambulances were still in the area.”

Victim found

Beverley road was reopened at 10:45pm after the alleged victim was found and reported to the police that they were unaware of any threats.

Anyone who has any information regarding the incident, or knows the identity of the caller, should call 101, referring to log 682 of April 18.

More stories

This article is a local news story and is formatted to look like a Hull Daily Mail article. It is written from a lead interviewees perspective and tells the tale of the hoax bomb call that occurred last month down Beverley Road. I interviewed my friend Lauren Ainsworth about her experience of the bomb hoax and how it affected her. I have included some social networking links to display how interactive this article could be and I have also included some similar stories links.