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7 Jan

During this module I have expanded my knowledge on current and future technologies, and in doing so I have contributed greatly to a well produced group presentation. After some initial confusion with what the module was about and what was expected of us, we had group meetings and from that we knew what roles we was going to carry out in terms of research towards the presentation. The biggest problems we had were communication and attendance. Not everyone could be in University on the monday either due to illness or work experience and for a short while the project got neglected in some ways and we all ended up putting our CATS module coursework above our Digital Content Creation module as our CATS work had to be handed in before any of our other work.

However, we had all done a lot of research and this is evident on the group blog and our Basecamp account. We used both of these tools to their full advantage and shared our research and we communicated between ourselves on ideas for the presentation. The research for the presentation went well and I think that was our biggest strength as a team as we was all able to decide as a group who should do what tasks and to go away individually and research our topics. Even though we was all given individual things to research most of the time we also researched into other things that people maybe researched as well and in doing so we was able to gather more information and help each other out if anyone was confused about a subject. The project blog has over 100 posts and this is due my groups dedication for the project.

After we completed our CATS work we all focused more attention on our group presentation and we was able to move forward the creation of our presentation as we was all communicating a lot better at this stage. We all contributed a lot towards the presentation, for instance, I created the printing press and the newspaper industry slides with Stevie, I created the storify timeline that was shown at the beginning and I created the market research questionnaire and I also carried out the research.

I believe I contributed well to the project, and was heavily involved in the research, creating the moodboards, writing the script etc. In the future, I would try to better organise my time and learn how to prioritize my work tasks a bit better. overall, I believe although we maybe didn’t communicate as well as we could have at the beginning we did communicate effectively and helped each other out with whatever problems we had. Although originally we had the idea to create a video presentation with visuals in the background we soon realised that this idea is too complex and would take too much time to complete so instead we created a Prezzi presentation and an accompanying video which I believe worked well.



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7 Jan

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