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End of semester

10 Jan

Today I have completed my first semester back at uni and have handed in all my work. I have finished all my essays, presentations, data visualizations, and articles etc. I have copied my writing for the web presentation and Interactive Environments presentation to disks and have handed them in, also I have mostly put the rest of my work on my blog.


Diminished reality the future of Interactive Environments

9 Jan

Diminished reality is something that can sometimes not be viewed but is present. This can take the form of manipulating video footage. It does this by decreasing the resolution of an item you dont want to appear until it entirely eradicates the item. In this retrospect you are able to view something that you cannot see but is still there.  This technology which has been used since 2010, will be used by the mass media and will change the Interactive Environments. The way we are able to interact with video footage will change and very easily too.

It will change Interactive Environments by:

  1. Allowing us to manipulate online news broadcasts
  2. Allowing us to interact with video footage
  3. having more control over the interaction of video and film footage.

Article I created on the Rise of the Youtube Star

9 Jan

Is Youtube still as powerful as it once was?

With the emergence of the digital age our current generation seems fixated on online videos and with YouTube being the most popular video sharing website out there, it has the opportunity to be life changing and has so far many famous celebrities had their big break  by sharing YouTube Videos.

YouTube has created its own community were its users can comment, share and view other people’s videos, but with Vimeo fast becoming commonly used, is YouTube still as powerful as it once was?

Force 7

Force 7, a local youth marketing company investigated further into this by creating two short videos on teaching young people about the procedures they should implement when a friend has consumed too much drink.

This educational health and safety film was shown to one hundred and twenty-two males and one hundred and twenty-two females who volunteered to take part in the survey.

The results revealed that one hundred percent of the people surveyed said they regularly viewed YouTube videos and not very surprisingly, the most common popular source of YouTube viewing was of music videos.

Educational storytelling

The aspiration of Force 7 was to show if YouTube could be used for as an educational storytelling technique as well as being a place where you can view humourous videos.

The survey highlights how powerful this video medium still is and as shown in the results it has the ability to be educational as a large percentage of the people surveyed felt more able to carry out the procedure shown in the videos.

YouTube still remains to be the most commonly used video sharing website and with 2013 on the horizon I believe that YouTube will branch out and will start advocating for more educational videos.


Why did I create this article?

I created this article as I enjoy writing articles and I thought it would be nice to produce an article which encompassed what the Force 7 rise of the YouTube star is about and what the companies goal is.

Justin Beiber Marijuana Twitter Reactions

9 Jan

jb 4 jb 3 jb 2 jbThe Tweets above are taken to show the publics reaction to the stars marijuna use.

When the pictures where released on Twitter which showed Justin Beiber smoking marijuana at a New Years Eve party, many of his fans were unhappy and disapointed with him. A hoax tweet which encouraged his ‘Belibers’ fans to cut themselves to encourage him to stop smoking the drug went viral and many young teenagers began to cut themselves in the name of the young popstar. This shows you how manipulative Twitter can be and why the social networking site needs to be better regulated so that nothing like this happens again.


The Power of Twitter

9 Jan

page 6

Wordle Word Mash-up

9 Jan



I created this word Mash-up by using words which are associated with the Interactive Environments module. I found wordle easy to use and is very effective at creating stunning word mash-ups. I would use this visualization website again in the future as I found it to be easy to operate and created some nice visualizations.

Storify on the development of technology

9 Jan

I created a storify to show the development of technology and how we got to the stage where we are able to create data visualizations. I linked in photos as I wanted it to be like a timeline styled article. I enjoy using Storify and will no doubt use it again in the future.